Staggering Facts Behind Pedestrian Personal Injury Cases

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney is rarely without a job these days seeing as accident-related injuries are among some of the most common lawsuits in the city. It’s not surprising when the statistics are revealed though: According to the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), in 2007 alone, there were 90 fatalities and 2,690 injuries reported in the city of Los Angeles that were the result of pedestrian accidents. In Los Angeles county, the reports revealed that 210 deaths and 5,095 injuries occurred in 2007, all due to pedestrian accidents.

In the United States, statistics from the Center for Personal Injury Prevention and Control reveal that 5,000 pedestrians are killed and another 64,000 are injured in motor vehicle accidents every year in this country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration further reports that approximately 70,000 pedestrians are killed each year in vehicular accidents, a number which also comprises pedestrian deaths in Los Angeles.

Most LA-based pedestrian accidents are caused by auto-related crashes and collisions, and many result in serious injuries such as fractures, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, even wrongful death. When these cases arise, pedestrian accident victims often seek the services of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. These accident victims need the services of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to help them get the fair amount of compensation they deserve.

Statistics for Pedestrian Accidents
The National Highway Traffic Association and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports the following pedestrian accident statistics for the United States:

- 11 percent of motor-related fatalities are pedestrian deaths.
- Pedestrians are the second largest category of motor-related accident deaths, the first being occupants.
- Every 8 minutes, a pedestrian suffers a personal injury due to a traffic accident.
- Every 11 minutes, a pedestrian is killed due to a motor-related accident.
- In 2005 a total of 4,881 pedestrian were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

Having some of the busiest and most complex road and highway networks in the country, Los Angeles pedestrian fatalities comprise a big portion of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports on pedestrian fatalities in the United States. The 2008 statistics show that 4,378 pedestrians died due to accidents, which averages one death every two hours. In a city like Los Angeles, approximately 72 percent of pedestrian fatalities in intersections, crosswalks, traffic islands, median strips, or sidewalks. Individuals over the age of 64 comprise the largest demographic of people who suffered pedestrian fatalities. As such, many clients of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers fall into this age bracket .

Repercussions of a Pedestrian Personal Injury
A lot of times, pedestrian accidents result in death or serious injuries. the reason for this, is because pedestrians are completely exposed when hit by a motor vehicle, unlike a person behind the wheel. As such, some Los Angeles personal injury lawyers end up representing accident victims for personal injury claims such as internal bleeding, broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), disfigurement, paralysis, or death. Such repercussions often provide strong points of argument for Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who represent injury victims in court.

Measures and Legal Action
The situation of a pedestrian accident is mandated by certain statutes that may help determine the liability of a driver involved in an accident with a pedestrian The California Vehicle Code section 21950 states that a driver of a vehicle “must” yield the right of way to a pedestrian crossing a street within a marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection. The vehicle code section also states that when a driver is approaching a pedestrian, he or she must slow down regardless if the pedestrian is using a crosswalk or not.. This means that if you are a pedestrian victim in a crosswalk, you are protected by the California Vehicle Code; your rights are thus protected, making for an aggressive argument on the part of your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Statute of Limitation
A pedestrian accident victim may have to file a claim within 6 months of the incident if a government agency is found to be negligent, whether indirectly or directly causing the accident by failing to maintain a roadway. If you are an accident victim in these circumstances, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you follow the procedures involved for filing a claim with a particular agency before going to court. Your lawyer can help illustrate to you your rights, which are imperative if you intend to seek compensation for an injury in a pedestrian accident. The personal injury lawyer will also investigate whether a dangerous or hazardous road condition caused the accident, in which case the city of Los Angeles or the local government may be held liable.

El Dabe’s Pedestrian Injury Personal Injury Lawyers
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